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Welcome to the Music Office online Legal Library - a free resource to help educate musicians and performers.

NOTE:  These documents are VERY DATED and posted as examples only.  The Music Office, its staff or affiliates in no way endorse the contents or legality of these contract examples.  They are merely examples of how certain industry deals are constructed.  It is very strongly advised that you consult a knowledgeable music or entertainment attorney before entering into any deal of scope concerning your career.

If you would like to have up-to-date contract examples, there is only one great source - THE MUSIC OFFICE!





Assignment of Copyright.  Short and sweet document assigning song publishing right from one entity to another.

HTML  PDF |  TXT Simple Agency Booking Agreement.  A 2-page contract for a small agency - designed for the casual weekend gig.

HTML  |  PDFTXT Short AFM Booking Agreement.  A 3-page, slightly dated contract for a a casual gig.

HTML  |  PDF |  TXT Confidentiality Agreement.  Is your project designated "Top Secret?"  Use this form to cover yourself.

HTML  |  PDF TXT Distribution Agreement.  A short product distribution/promotion agreement.

HTML  |  PDFTXT Film Synchronization Agreement.  Assigning rights to a film company for use in feature film.

HTML  |  PDFTXT Master Recording Licensing Agreement.  Licensing a Master to an Indie Label or Distributor

HTML PDF TXT Artist Management Agreement.  An agreement with compensation tied to earnings on gradient scale.

HTML  |  PDFTXT Mechanical License.  A simple mechanical license granting manufacturing and replication rights.

HTML PDFTXT Model Release.  Simple model release, can be used with minor models with parental consent.

HTML PDF |  TXT Producer Royalty Rider.  A short rider specifying the fees and royalties to be paid to producer.

HTML PDF |  TXT Single Song Publishing Deal.  A simple Nashville-style publishing agreement.

HTML PDF |  TXT Public Access TV Show Release.  For an appearance on cable or other local/public access outlet.

HTML PDF |  TXT Contracting for Sound Services.  A basic contract for providing sound and lighting for an event.

HTML  PDF |  TXT Producer's Spec Deal.  Thusly called since the producers doesn't "spec" to get paid.

HTML  PDF |  TXT Sponsorship Deal.  Sponsorship of an event or tour between artist/label and sponsor.

HTML  PDF |  TXT Radio Show Release.  Artist release for performance of music on radio program, local or syndicated.

HTML  PDF |  TXT Jingle Production Contract.  Contract for producing a local/regional jingle package.

HTML  PDF |  TXT Indie Film Offering - Limited Partnership.  A good place to start when looking at aspects of a film deal


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